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Modern Kitchen Design

With respect to family and traffic, the kitchen is the busiest part of the home. It is an important and integral part of the home where food are stored and prepared.

Cluttered And Disorganised?

As modern HDB flat is getting compact, careful space planning of the kitchen cabinets and storage area arrangement is vital to avoid a cluttered and disorganised kitchen.

Designing a kitchen can never be an easy task. You need to give much thought in placing the 3 key components of the kitchen: food preparation area, cooking area and washing area. Ideally, the distance between these areas should be as small as possible to allow enough space for cooking and yet minimize walking around.

Beside providing basic illumination, a proper combination of lighting fixtures can give the kitchen a clean look and add decorative effect to the kitchen. These could include ceiling lights, under-cabinet lights and even inside storage areas.

Importance Of The Right Countertop And Tiles

As countertops take alot of abuse in terms of use and cleaning, choosing the right mterials for your needs is crucial. Ease of cleaning the surface and durability should be the primary consideration. Depending on the work you do and your budget, the countertops could be made of granite, concrete, laminate or other materials.

Depending on the theme or style of your kitchen, use of matching wall and floor surface tiles gives the appearance of a beautiful and inviting kitchen. Choose tiles that are durable and stain resistant as these are prone to spills and water exposure. Floor tiles have to be slip resistant as well to avoid accidents when wet.

What Is Your Kitchen Theme?

Most kitchens are arranged in the following shapes: L-shape, U-shape, straight line and gallery or peninsula. However it is often limited by the floor plan. Accessing the available space and yoiur needs, our creative interior designers can create a functional and efficient kitchen for you. So why wait? Just tell us your requirements and we'll give you the theme kitchen you want!

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